Our Free One-Day "Check-Up" is the BEST Service We Provide

  • The main focus of our one-day review is to search for refunds.
  • Whether we find $1,000 or $50,000 in refunds, these refunds will increase your bottom line.
  • Also, the refunds we uncover can be tax savings on future purchases.
  • In addition, we do look for any tax underpayments in our review.
  • Before any claim for refund is submitted, both refunds and tax due items should be considered.
  • Our review involves very little of the company's time; we review current records that are available.
  • For most reviews, it should take only an hour of your company's time.
  • After our review, we will discuss any issues with the company.
  • Even if we see NO issues, it provides the company with the knowledge that sales/use tax is not a problem.

Please call or email to schedule a one-day review to evaluate your company's sales/use tax reporting.